Coaches Corner

How do I price my product?

Pricing your product is an individual choice. This is your shop and you know how much time you put into building workouts. However, building trust is important so members know they are getting a good product for a reasonable price. Infinite Fitness Network encourages you to start small and build a positive following.  Our goal is to keep fitness affordable!

  • Providing a free mini workout, a stretch regime, or something similar can help bring in a following. Once you have a few of those, take time to build more expensive workouts to sell.
  • Keep in mind the value vs. the workout. Workout plans (weekly, monthly, yearly) should naturally cost more than one simple daily workout. 
  • Keep an eye on other similar workouts and follow what others are pricing at to make it competitive.
How should I classify my workout?

There are people who are beginners in certain areas and beginners who are literally getting off the couch for the first time (entry level). We believe that there should be a standard that trainers should follow when posting their workouts to help their members know the difference. We have put together a standardized classification to help alleviate this so you know how to filter it properly and the difference between them. We will also educate our registered members with the same classification when choosing a workout.

Workout Classification Document

When uploading a product, how do I generate a preview without giving my product away?

When generating a product, provide a snapshot of part of the workout as one of the images which can be a day from the entire week or workout plan.  Be sure to put a watermark stamp or something to cover part of it while they can see some of it.  Be sure to provide a full description of the workout as well to help buyers. Most buyers will want to “preview” what they are getting before they purchase.

Directions to Add a New Product

Why am I not selling any of my products?

Selling a product takes time. First, use your social media to establish your presence. It gives you the best way to sell your product by promoting it and building client relationships. Be sure to promote Infinite Fitness Network so you can bring your clients and social media followers to this page. Second, we are building a website for fitness and meal plans in a very saturated market. It will take time to promote the business and the idea of buying a workout to take to the gym or a meal plan to use in the kitchen. People have to trust our process. Third, check your prices. Do they compete with pricing of others for what they are getting. Be reasonable. Start with something free or low price to build your client base.